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RMC Campus Store eBook Instructions

1. If you have never purchased from the bookstore online click on ‘My Account’ in the left hand navigation and click ‘Register Here’. Log out when completed.

2. Under ‘My Account’ click the login link. Login to your account using your email address and bookstore password (same as when you ordered your eBook or in previous step).

3. The screen will say, Welcome (your name). Below will be 6 links. You will need to click on ‘Activate and Access eBooks.’

4. You should see a picture of the eBook you purchased on a bookshelf.

5. Hover over the book image to display Book Info and Access links. Note: The Pop Up blocker on your browser needs to be disabled for the next step.

6. Click on the ‘Access’ link to download your eBook. You will be taken to the VitalSource website, where the eBooks live. If you are new to eBooks you will need to register as a new user using the same email address used on the bookstore website. Existing VitalSource users can login to access your materials.

7. If you get stuck anywhere along the way you can call support at 888-886-0801.