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Yellow Jacket Rewards Program

In appreciation to all of our loyal customers who help support the college by shopping in the Campus Store, we now have a Rewards program allowing you to earn points on every purchase you make! Here is how it works:

  • New users must register for the program (or opt out) and existing users can log in using the provided link at the bottom of this page or the “Log In” link in the side menu on the website. Click the button that asks if you would like to be a Loyalty Rewards customer. If you have forgotten your password, you can re-register.
  • If you are a student, your Rewards account number should be your RMC Student ID number. If you are not a student, we recommend using your phone number (7 digits)
  • Each time you make a purchase in the Campus Store, tell the cashier that you are a Rewards customer. If you are purchasing online, you should check the yes button indicating that you are a Rewards customer.
  • For every dollar you spend, you will earn a point. You can check your own point balance on our website by clicking here.
  • Points may be applied to purchases made at the register in the store or they may be redeemed to purchase a gift certificate online. 
  • Campus Store gift certificates will be available for the following number of points:

    $5.00 gift certificate for 100 loyalty points
    $10.00 gift certificate for 200 loyalty points
    $15.00 gift certificate for 300 loyalty points
    $20.00 gift certificate for 400 loyalty points
    $25.00 gift certificate for 500 loyalty points
    $30.00 gift certificate for 600 loyalty points
    $35.00 gift certificate for 700 loyalty points
    $40.00 gift certificate for 800 loyalty points
    $45.00 gift certificate for 900 loyalty points
    $50.00 gift certificate for 1000 loyalty points
  • All purchases count towards loyalty points, including textbooks and textbook rentals from the RMC Campus Store online or in the store. The exclusions are the purchase of gift certificates and any purchase made on our website from outside vendors (links to vendors are listed for purchasing textbooks). Sales tax and shipping are not included in the loyalty point calculations.
  • If you return merchandise, earned points are deducted based on the value of the returned item or items.
  • Faculty and staff are eligible to join the Rewards program, however department charges already receive discounted pricing and these purchases are not eligible for loyalty points. Free merchandise does not count toward Rewards points earned.
  • Go online to redeem your points for a gift certificate that can be used in the R-MC Campus Store. Simply go to your profile, check your accumulated points balance, and enter the amount you'd like to redeem. Your gift certificate will then be ready for you to pick up and use at the store. If requested, gift certificates may be mailed.
  • There is a waiting period of 7 days before you can redeem your points. 
  • Remember when you graduate, please change your RMC email address in your account to your new personal email. We want you to be able to continue receiving information about your account and the RMC Campus Store.