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Textbook Return Policy:

Students may return textbooks to the R-MC Campus Store by the end of the THIRD DAY of the term. Students who drop a class have until the final day of the drop period to return their textbooks and must sign the Add/Drop Textbook Return Honor Form.

In order to be granted a full refund, students who are returning textbooks must meet the deadlines described in the previous paragraph and MUST HAVE ALL CASH REGISTER RECEIPTS.

New textbooks must be in mint condition. New textbooks with markings of any sort (even pencil) and/or damaged or bent covers or pages cannot be returned. Shrink-wrapped or boxed textbooks must be unopened and still in the original wrapping. Textbooks with software are not returnable once the software seal has been broken.

Outlines, reference books, study guides and general books are not returnable.


Textbooks purchased online are still subject to our Textbook Return Policy. Please remember that, should you purchase textbooks online after the first three days of class in a semester, ALL SALES ARE FINAL! If you purchase books online during the first three days of class, the books will still have to be returned by the end of the third day of class in the semester. All returns require that a new book be in new condition, with no marks or damage and in the shrink-wrap with all components (if applicable) and YOU MUST HAVE YOUR RECEIPT!

USED Textbooks

The Randolph-Macon Campus Store strives to provide as many used books each semester as possible. In order to maximize the number of used books available each semester, we encourage faculty to submit their textbook orders early so we can purchase from students during Buyback. Whenever a textbook is going into a new edition, we contact the faculty member who has been using it and give him/her the option to use the new edition or stay with the older one. If the professor decides the differences between old and new editions are not significant enough to change the textbook order, the older edition will be used for your class.

Why aren’t all books available used?

If the book is a new edition, there are no used books available. Also, if it is an obscure or specialized book with little national demand, few wholesalers will stock it.

My book is in a set with an online component but you don’t offer it used? Why not?

Either the set is a new edition, or the online component was so expensive separately that we could not purchase the used book cheaply enough to keep the combined price below the set price.

Can I return a used book if I drop the class?

Yes, you can return used books in adherence with our textbook return policy.

On the shelf there are hardback and paperback used copies of the same book. Is the hardback more expensive?

No, once the book is available in paperback, all used copies are the same price as used paperback copies.

Aside from the condition, are used books identical to the new books?

Yes, the edition of the book is the same, and the pagination is consistent with that of a new book.

Can I highlight in my book and still sell it back?

Yes, although on occasion the value at Buyback of some books may be affected by their condition.

Return Policy for Rented Textbooks

To receive a full refund, rental textbooks must be returned by the end of the THIRD DAY of the term. If a student drops a class, he/she has until the final day of the drop period to return the book(s).

After using the rental books for the semester, the rental textbooks MUST be returned in resalable condition (with all components) by the last day of finals for the current term. There will be a station setup at the Textbook Buyback table during finals week specifically for returning rental books. Should you need/want to return rental textbooks at any other time during the semester, see the Textbook Manager. If books are not returned by the due date, the Renter will be charged a Rental Replacement fee (the new retail price of the books minus the amount that was paid to rent the books) and student records will be put on hold.

Rental Textbooks

Writing and highlighting are allowed. Student must return the book, with all components (i.e. cds) by the specified return date. If not returned by the due date, his/her R-MC Student Account will be billed a Rental Replacement Fee (new retail price minus rental price). Two reminder emails will be sent to alert that the return date is approaching, and, if the due date is missed, then one email for the Rental Replacement Fee.

Should I rent or buy?

Typically, renting is the least expensive option. You always have the option to buy the book outright before the semester is over, by paying the difference between the retail price and the rental price. Purchasing a book is more expensive but you can always sell your book at Buyback. We offer up to 50% of the new retail price for books we know will be used again. All other books are purchased by the wholesaler and may be worth much less.

Do I need a credit card to rent a book?

If renting online you will need a credit card or gift certificate. If you come in the store to rent your books, you will be able to use any method to pay for the initial rental. However, should you not return the books, your R-MC Student account will be charged.

What if my rental book is lost or stolen?

You will be responsible for paying for the textbook. The amount would be the difference between the new retail price and the rental price.

I rented a used book. Why do I have to pay the difference from the new retail price?

This is the replacement cost of the book. We have to replace that book that was not returned and we cannot guarantee that used copies are available.

I sold my rental back at Buyback. What do I do?

See if you can get the book back from the place you sold it. If not, you will be responsible for paying for the text. The amount would be the difference between the new retail price and the rental price.

Can my roommate/friend return my book for me?

Yes, if you trust the person to do so. The R-MC Campus Store is not responsible if rentals are not returned on time. If the book is not returned on time, you are responsible for paying the fee.

I left for home and forgot to return my rental. Can I do it when I get back for the next semester/term?

No, you are responsible for returning the rental by the specified date.